2000 Nissan Sentra

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  • Styling8.4
  • Performance8.2
  • Interior8.2
  • Quality7.9
  • Recommendation8.1
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  • Styling8.0
  • Performance6.0
  • Interior7.0
  • Quality2.0
  • Recommendation3.0
Nissan Sentra by Matt in the back roads on 07/09/2008. Trim: 2000 Nissan Sentra GXE, Owned 8 years.
Pros: MUCH BETTER styling then my '92 or my '96 (reviewed both). So I was happy to see that they fixed some design flaws and was happy again to go ahead and purchase. Got a good warranty too! More room then the other too, trunk space expanded again, great gas milege and the steering felt firm.
Cons: All the things I loved about the car got killed one day when I was at a red light and EVERYTHING shut off. It was as if I truned the car off. After 5 minutes and people honking at me to move, I finally got it to start and took it right to the dealership. They said that nothing was wrong with the car cand they looked at me in disbelief. My dad was with me and got mad at the dealership. We left then a few months later got a letter. It was a recall stating that the bolts that hold the suspension in the front could break and cause an accident and could result in death. At that point I decided to get rid of the car and terminate my lease. (2003)
Overall review: Minus the recall and the random shutdown of power, it was a great car.. Hopefully the new ones aren't as bad as the previous ones.
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  • Styling9.0
  • Performance9.0
  • Interior9.0
  • Quality8.0
  • Recommendation9.0
My Favorite Car by Barbara on 06/25/2008. Trim: 2000 Nissan Sentra GXE, Owned 7 years.
Pros: I bought this car new in April 2001. I have put less than 20,000 miles on it so it still runs fantastic. Love the extra storage on top of dashboard. Everything is within easy reach, so no driving/reaching dangers. Comfortable driver/front seat. Removeable cupholder insert great for cleaning. The trunk is pretty large and the cargo net is a great feature for groceries and anything else you don't want rolling around. I usually buy a new car every 2 to 4 years, but I've kept this one much longer cause I like it! Wish I had gotten the rear spoiler!
Cons: There were more recalls on this car than any other car I have ever owned, but only one of them was potentially dangerous. The front seat is great, but the back seat just isn't big enough for adults. Not enough leg-room or head-room.
Overall review: Unless it's been beat down and kicked to the curb, feel free to buy this car used from the original owner.
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  • Styling8.0
  • Performance6.0
  • Interior8.0
  • Quality9.0
  • Recommendation8.0
My Sentra Review by Jordan, WV on 08/16/2006. Trim: 2000 Nissan Sentra XE, Owned 6 years.
Pros: It has nice pickup in the city and handles well, front of car is roomy, and it is very reliable if you just take care of it.
Cons: Exterior could use a little work, the fenderwells are flat, it would look better if it was slightly widened out for a more aggressive appearance; back seat is bad for taller people because their heads tend to brush the headliner as it slopes back
Overall review: I've had it for about six years now with no problems, still drives and handles like the day I got it.
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  • Styling10
  • Performance10
  • Interior10
  • Quality10
  • Recommendation10
Dependable and reliable... by An MSN Autos Consumer on 10/26/2005. Trim: 2000 Nissan Sentra GXE, Owned 5 years.
Pros: Excellent vehicle for the cost, had a few factory recalls over little stuff, nothing major. Never had any major mechanical issues and nearing 85,000 miles.
Cons: Could get a bit better gas mileage and have a bit more power, but I'm not import tuner fan, so it works great, past that, no other problems.
Overall review: Excellent vehicle, excellent manufacturer, and top notch service...
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  • Styling8.0
  • Performance5.0
  • Interior7.0
  • Quality1.0
  • Recommendation3.0
Skip the Sentra by Todd in CO on 08/12/2005. Trim: 2000 Nissan Sentra GXE, Owned 4 years.
Pros: Interior styling for compact car. Front seats comfortable.
Cons: Horrible reliability. Battery and Check engine light on quite often. Had car die on me in middle of traffic due to first recall issue (sensor?). Now additional engine problems, runs poorly. At the mechanic far more than expected with this vehicle, way too many repair bills.
Overall review: Will not consider another Nissan again, reliability is terrible causing way too many headaches.
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1 - 5 of 200 reviews
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