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  • Styling8.3
  • Performance8.1
  • Interior7.8
  • Quality7.3
  • Recommendation7.7
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  • Styling8.0
  • Performance6.0
  • Interior8.0
  • Quality2.0
  • Recommendation4.0
The cute looking Money Pit by Chrys from Chicago,IL on 04/13/2010. Trim: 1998 Volkswagen Jetta GT, Owned more than 10 years.
Pros: Great car for the first few years; large trunk space; easy on gas; nice for speedy highway driving; drove it all the way to 197K miles.
Cons: Cost to repair the most random of things (everything was $300 minimum); the older the car got, the more random engine/exhaust issues I had no matter how much I spent on maintenance; A general money pit like no other car I've ever driven - even my Chevy Cavalier was better in terms of repair needs (a scary comment in itself).
Overall review: I LOVED my Jetta GT for all the years I owned the vehicle - except when something went wrong, it went HORRIBLY wrong. Like the time when a $300 fuse regulator needed to be replaced and caused my fan to continue running even when the car was completely off meaning a need for a quick jump machine in my trunk for 3 days until I could find and get the part. Then, there was the wiper motor that died a million times. Or the third engine that worked, but leaked antifreeze. The worst part is the stories go on and on!!! Frozen door locks of the likes I have never experienced with any other car. Strut repairs, catalytic converters, starters - each time you make major repairs to the engine, expect the starter to go within four months!!! In the end, I donated the car after having made $800 - 1200 in repairs for random yet major issues every 6 months. I drove him to almost 200K, but it was a death trap on wheels , LOL!!!!
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  • Styling9.0
  • Performance7.0
  • Interior8.0
  • Quality6.0
  • Recommendation7.0
1998 VW Jetta GLS by Matt-Matt on 02/02/2005. Trim: 1998 Volkswagen Jetta GLS, Owned 3 years.
Pros: This is the first "real" car I bought, I like the styling on the outside and the car itself handles really well. It's tight in corners, brakes reasonably well. The trunk is roomy and being a four door it's relatively comfortable for four adults. Good view of the road, reasonably comfortable.
Cons: Eletrical issues, interior and accessory issues, and body trim issues. The front trim for the bumper started coming off almost immediately, I've had to replace the driver's side trim two times now since they have a nasty habit of falling off on the highway. The rear windows failed almost immediately after purchasing the car, and the driver's and passenger's windows soon followed. Cruise control intermittenly works. I've gotten some other wierd electrical anomolies in the rain, such as the brights coming on and being unable to be switched off. The radiator fan failed at 65,000 miles ($250).
Overall review: The handling on the Jetta is great, and mechanically I have had no serious problems. Radiator fan went out at 65,000 (I mentioned above) and I've had to do brakes and routine stuff, but nothing major. I've had the car since about 40,000 miles. I do wish this car had more power, at only 115HP it doesn't have any oomph to it whatsoever and if you're loaded down with a couple of adults, you can definitely feel the difference. If you like the German handling and relative reliability mechanically, go for it, but the continual fixing of accessories and windows finally got to me after a while. Certainly a good car for someone just starting out.
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  • Styling4.0
  • Performance8.0
  • Interior6.0
  • Quality5.0
  • Recommendation4.0
last vw by gary from missouri on 10/30/2002. Trim: 1998 Volkswagen Jetta TDI, Owned 3 years.
Pros: excelent fuel economy. much more power than my 81 rabbit diesel. good handling. starts good year around.
Cons: poor fit and finish. trim is falling off. have had problems with the a/c blower, replaced the fan resistor twice and needs another. i suspect the turbo / intake/ wastegate/egr valve has carboned up nobody can diagnose the system.(dealer service is poor). will not outlast my 81 rabbit(350,000 miles, no problems ever) just rusted away. will not last 20 years.
Overall review: will be my last vw. poor quality/ high price/ expensive parts/poor service
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  • Styling9.0
  • Performance9.0
  • Interior8.0
  • Quality7.0
  • Recommendation8.0
Good Car, Power Locks and Window issues by HotMama from Puget Sound, WA on 04/05/2002. Trim: 1998 Volkswagen Jetta Wolfsburg Edition, Owned 4 years.
Pros: We really enjoy our Jetta for the most part, fast, tight handling, great braking, tight looks, all the options you could ask for, great stock bose stereo (wolfsburg), huge trunk for all our baby stuff.
Cons: Not enough space in the rear passenger cabin, my passengers eat their knees, the upholstery started fraying and got strange "water marks" stains (Not really stains as nothing was spilled in the car other than wet clothing on people) within the 1st year we owned it. The REAR WINDOW ENGINE DIED at 36,000 miles, The automatic locking system died at around 30,000 miles and 700+ dollars later had to be completely replaced, it makes a new strange louder noise in the engine that I am afraid to go to dealer on (we've had mediocre service).
Overall review: A good car, great options, needs better attention/quality spent on its electrical systems. Still a great car, I would recommend it, but be forewarned of potential electrial issues with power locks and windows.
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  • Styling1.0
  • Performance5.0
  • Interior6.0
  • Quality1.0
  • Recommendation1.0
Jettas are JUNK by I bought a lemon on 11/19/2001. Trim: 1998 Volkswagen Jetta GLS, Owned 2 years.
Pros: There is nothing good to say about my VW lemon.
Cons: I will NEVER buy a VW again. There are so many problems with this car that the manufacturer knows about and no recall? Both back windows are put togeather with plastic and silly putty and I have to pay and get them fixed? The door trim just falls off and they are going to charge me to fix it? The ignition sticks yet there is not a recall to fix this very dangerous problem? I called the dealership about the rear windows, he said "yes we know, the windows break ALL THE TIME". Oh really? Gee, you didn't tell me that when you sold me the car. I am fed up with this POS VW and am going to put it back togeather with super glue and bubble gum so I can trade it in.
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