1997 Buick Regal

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  • Styling8.6
  • Performance9.1
  • Interior8.5
  • Quality7.6
  • Recommendation8.1
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  • Styling10
  • Performance1.0
  • Interior10
  • Quality1.0
  • Recommendation1.0
buyer beware junk car buick mistake by An MSN Autos Consumer on 09/14/2011. Trim: 1997 Buick Regal LS, Owned less than 1 year.
Pros: the vehicle caught on fire when driving down road a few times this car is not a good couldnt go on trips unless you bring alot of jugs of water to put fire out thats a factory defect on car the main hazard on car buyer beware dont get car unless it has no defect.
Cons: the vehicle has to many problems the transmission has problems this is another mistake Buick made Subaru forester is good its made in japan if you want a good gas mileage vehicle get japan made cars similar to Subaru those cars run good never had problems like this buick
Overall review: buyer beware dont buy get a japan made car there made to run and drive good similar to Subaru forester
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  • Styling8.0
  • Performance6.0
  • Interior7.0
  • Quality3.0
  • Recommendation2.0
Overpriced Trash by dissapointed in MT on 01/24/2004. Trim: 1997 Buick Regal LS, Owned 4 years.
Pros: This car was nice to begin with. It had nice color and comfy seats with some good options inside.
Cons: Just about everything else that is not in the pro's section. We had to replace the tires, brakes, fuel pump, battery three times, fix the alternator, the cassette player ate one of our tapes and couldn't get it out, the right passenger window broke, the battery died a fourth time and sent a short through the entire electrical system and fried the whole instrument cluster which they had to ship to buick to make a new one, yeah one expensive peice of trash!
Overall review: If you would like to overpay for a 'car' that will get you from point A to B while expecting problems, then this is the car for you. Oh, also dont forget that when you pay 17,000 for it and still have 6,000 to pay- you will only get 3,000 for a blue book quote.
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  • Styling9.0
  • Performance9.0
  • Interior6.0
  • Quality2.0
  • Recommendation3.0
Empty Pockets. by Shawn from Tampa on 01/02/2004. Trim: 1997 Buick Regal GS, Owned 7 years.
Pros: Fun to drive all day long. Many trips for work and play. Cold A\C!.
Cons: love's gas!!!. Fit an finish is so poor inside and out, I had to replace most of the interior,Door molding,seats cracked,air bag covers pop open by them selves?( bad clips),radio controls don't work good.Struts went,BLOWER FROZE!!! ( oil seal went bad).Dealer hates to see me pull in now, don't know WHY?. ONLY--67,000 mls.
Overall review: Do i really have to say any more????????
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  • Styling8.0
  • Performance10
  • Interior9.0
  • Quality8.0
  • Recommendation9.0
Best in Class Power by Forest Gump from Dayton, OH on 07/25/2003. Trim: 1997 Buick Regal GS, Owned 3 years.
Pros: Value Priced Performance Sedan. Engine runs well with best in class power. Reliable engine, radio controls on steering wheel, heated seats.
Cons: Poor fit and finish. Minor things like window trim melting and steering wheel peeling to nuisance electrical problems with front turn signal and power seat and temperature control display.
Overall review: For the price, I think that you would have a hard time finding a better value in a performance sedan. Minor fit and finish problems, which bring down overral rating from 10, but very happy with it.
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  • Styling6.0
  • Performance7.0
  • Interior9.0
  • Quality1.0
  • Recommendation1.0
Bad,Bad,Bad Quality by Jodi on 02/13/2003. Trim: 1997 Buick Regal LS, Owned 6 years.
Pros: I like the way the Regal Looks. Thats IT!
Cons: What I dont like is having to put $2500 into a car that is 5yrs old with only 51,000 miles on it!!! General Motors needs to do some research and purchase/make better parts for the engine. My manifold has warped/melted??? Then the same part was put back on the car. I was charged $295.00 for that. Why should I have been liable for a part that General Motors decided to put on their car that is of poor quality!!! I had to have my steering gear replaced because it was leaking. Head gaskets replaced because they were leaking.
Overall review: I would never recommend this car!! We are in the market for a new car. We are getting rid of a 1992 Pontiac Grand AM. Believe me when I tell you it IS NOT going to be another General Motors car.
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1 - 5 of 52 reviews
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