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  • Styling8.5
  • Performance8.3
  • Interior8.1
  • Quality8.7
  • Recommendation8.8
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  • Styling7.0
  • Performance4.0
  • Interior4.0
  • Quality3.0
  • Recommendation3.0
Never again. by Justin - Syracuse, NY on 03/07/2007. Trim: 1999 Subaru Legacy Wagon Outback, Owned 2 years.
Pros: Got the all power everything - heated seats, mirrors, windows, etc. It’s the only way to go. The car is stylish, yet its subdued. It’s great when you want to disappear in a crowd.
Cons: I'm not a fan of this car one iota anymore. AWD claims its better than it really is. Not sure if it did anything. Maintenance headache! Had to get new oxygen sensors, radiator. The headlights are very dim, one broke internally therefore doesn't aim well. Aiming the headlights is also a nightmarish sure-fire way to a bloody knuckle. The head gasket leaks - only obvious from under the engine looking up. The seats are small and feel slightly cramped. The rear view mirror is loose as a goose thus the day/night lever is an exercise in futility. Heated seats have only three settings - off, tepid (ie: off), and on (ie: burn your bum).
Overall review: I thought I would like this car for its AWD capability and low insurance rates. I have discovered instead, that I was sorely mistaken.
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  • Styling7.0
  • Performance5.0
  • Interior6.0
  • Quality3.0
  • Recommendation5.0
Long term quality.. beginning to wonder by Tdennen on 07/19/2006. Trim: 1999 Subaru Legacy Wagon Outback, Owned 7 years.
Pros: The all wheel drive is fantastic in inclement weather,one of the best cars in the world. Wish the brakes were stronger. Rotors warp too easily. Handling in poor weather is fantastic, snow, rain , anything. Good fit and finsh. Always reliable and started everytime. Subaru service is good but expensive, (what isn't these days.)
Cons: Poor quality after the car is 5+ years old. HVAC controls, Oxygen sensor, antiknock sensor, oil pump and head gaskets all failed at less than 49,000 miles. Repairs in excess of $2,500. My family has 4 Subaru's but the '99 is showing problems.
Overall review: At 60 months fantastic, but now at 90 months I wonder. Last year purchased '05 Outback XT. Great car but I'm glad I purchased the 6 year extended warranty.
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  • Styling2.0
  • Performance8.0
  • Interior8.0
  • Quality1.0
  • Recommendation1.0
by Rob on 08/30/2004. Trim: 1999 Subaru Legacy Wagon Brighton, Owned 5 years.
Pros: Configuration and styling-- small wagon. Good seating and cargo capacity. Handling-- AWD, handles like a car, not a truck.
Cons: Most troublesome car I ever owned-- 28 days in the shop the first year. A/C-- defective evaporator sensor-- no dealer could/would repair. Lousy paint job. Gets
Overall review: As a result of being saddled with this piece of *#@%, I would sooner hitchhike than buy another Subaru. Cheap components, materials; the worst service possible-- even threatened by one dealer. Their slogan used to be,
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  • Styling8.0
  • Performance9.0
  • Interior7.0
  • Quality8.0
  • Recommendation9.0
Great Little Car by Rhonda from Nicholson on 04/14/2010. Trim: 1999 Subaru Legacy Wagon Outback, Owned 8 years.
Pros: Had to work outside the home for the first time this last winter. Worst storms we've had in a very long time. Drove through nearly a foot of snow 20 miles one way home at night more than once. Love this car. Love the heated seats and the wiper de-icer saved me in one of those storms. We will fix the minor problems it has and give it to my daughter next year for her first car. Has over 150,000 miles on it and is running very well still. I would like to answer the guy who said the 4 cylinder has no power. Our Subaru holds it's own very well on the Skukyll Expressway in Philly. I recently took it on a trip and it excellerated nicely when needed and handled very well.
Cons: Would like to see better gas mileage. And the seats are a little uncomfortable for me ( I am 6ft tall). It taps when it is first started and is beginning to use a little oil. The rattle is the heat shield cover and it seems to want to rust.
Overall review: Overall, we have gotten much more than our money's worth from this sweet little car. I feel safe in the snow and rain. I just got rid of a 2000 Dodge Caravan with only 80,000 miles and bought a 2001 Subaru Legacy Outback wagon for me (184,000 mi) so I can give this car to my daughter next year. I expect to get at least 4 - 5 years on my new one and at least 2-3 more out of the current 1999 model. This is a very well made car and worth every little expense to maintain it.
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  • Styling7.0
  • Performance6.0
  • Interior7.0
  • Quality9.0
  • Recommendation9.0
Great family car by MaryC from Southern NJ on 06/05/2006. Trim: 1999 Subaru Legacy Wagon Outback, Owned 6 years.
Pros: Excellent reliability. Can fit just about anything in the back - great capacity - fold down seats
Cons: Braking and acceleration not the best Seats after a while are not so cushioney as you would like cupholders in a bad location ( in front of radio!)
Overall review: Great for families to carry their stuff without going up to the minivan or SUV route
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