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  • Styling9.2
  • Performance8.6
  • Interior8.3
  • Quality9.2
  • Recommendation9.4
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  • Styling1.0
  • Performance1.0
  • Interior1.0
  • Quality1.0
  • Recommendation1.0
240sx woes by proud 3000gt owner on 02/15/2007. Trim: 1997 Nissan 240SX SE coupe, Owned 4 years.
Pros: nothing
Cons: everything
Overall review: Anyone who says this is a sports car must be joking. A non turbo v4? This car is very cheaply made. No power, no leather and plastic everywhere. Any car that sold for 17k new is not a sports car (mustang, camero, civic, 240sx).
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  • Styling10
  • Performance9.0
  • Interior10
  • Quality10
  • Recommendation10
Buy this car if you can find one. by 240J from Van Isle BC Can on 02/07/2006. Trim: 1997 Nissan 240SX LE coupe, Owned 4 years.
Pros: The body styling, espescially the look of the front end, is nearly flawless. You park a 97civic/integra/accord next to a 97 240sx and honda really looks like trash for around the same price(if you could find one). I even work or honda lol. For the money, you can't buy a 97sports car. The car looks right at home next next to my Corvette. It's VERY rare to find these cars for sale because they are so beloved by their owners. The extreme increase in the drifting motorsports scene has caused a HUGE demand for 240s espescially the 97/98 240. These cars NOW tend to sell for way over blue-book value, and for good reason. My car brand new was 29xxxCan.+tax. I was offered 16000 for mine and said no.
Cons: no turbo
Overall review: This car is the best car I've ever owned. I am an auto service tech, and I can tell you that these cars are reliable, and outperform any 4cyl car you could buy in 97 in the US.
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  • Styling7.0
  • Performance9.0
  • Interior8.0
  • Quality7.0
  • Recommendation7.0
Has the look (sort of), but she has it where it counts: under the hood. by David on 10/03/2005. Trim: 1997 Nissan 240SX Coupe, Owned less than 1 year.
Pros: Very good acceleration, fairly good gas consumption, once maintained properly, trouble-free.
Cons: Somewhat hi-maintenance; because of the limited number of these produced, OEM parts are somewhat hard to come by; uncomfortably small backseat.
Overall review: My right-hand-drive 240SX came with 200SX emblems on the back, and a turbocharged Nissan SR20 motor under the hood - with 220 horsepower on tap. This car comfortable at all speeds, even up to 240KM/H - on open road. Very elegant and low-profile design, if it is the model with the slanted headlights. Rear wheel drive can prove to be a little difficult to handle at times, skidding out from under you, if not careful.
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  • Styling10
  • Performance10
  • Interior10
  • Quality9.0
  • Recommendation10
silvia s14 by nismo on 10/22/2002. Trim: 1997 Nissan 240SX Coupe, Owned 5 years.
Pros: looks and handles great.
Cons: i wish it had the original sr20det motor. turbo baby!!!!!!!
Overall review: i would recommend this car to anybody. buy the car and drop an sr20det (220hp rwd.) japan spec motor.
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  • Styling10
  • Performance9.0
  • Interior9.0
  • Quality10
  • Recommendation10
Great Car! by Lovetorun, Tampa on 07/25/2007. Trim: 1997 Nissan 240SX LE coupe, Owned 10 years.
Pros: I ordered mine brand new in 07/97 and have had it ever since. One of the most reliable cars I've ever owned! Other than regular maintenance (which is very basic), I've never experienced any real problems with this vehicle. Extremely quick and sporty and still get compliments after driving it for 10 years!
Cons: Really, I don't have any.
Overall review: It's been a terrific vehicle and when appropriately maintained, will bring many years of driving fun!
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1 - 5 of 40 reviews
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