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  • Styling8.4
  • Performance7.4
  • Interior7.3
  • Quality6.8
  • Recommendation6.7
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  • Styling7.0
  • Performance8.0
  • Interior5.0
  • Quality9.0
  • Recommendation9.0
the most rugged honda jeep by Nsync Ranger on 09/18/2008. Trim: 1998 Honda Passport EX 4WD, Owned 3 years.
Pros: it looks almost like a dune buggy, it blends well like a jeep, rugged SUV and the performance with the 205 HP DOHC V6 makes it impressive
Cons: the backseat is cramped on long trip, theres not that much luxury feature like the ford explorer. theres less trunk space behind the backseat because of the hachback and it is not a real honda because 90% is Isuzu.
Overall review: OK vehicle but I would recomend this SUV for a family of 3 or less, because the backseat is unconfortable, there less trunk space behind the backseat. I wished that they had the pilot builted sooner in 1998 because the pilot is bigger, luxurier, and rides better. if you have a family of 4 or more, then you better off with a pilot because its bigger than the pasport. we only had it for 3 years we bought it in 1998 .then we trade it for a escalade in 2001.
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  • Styling10
  • Performance7.0
  • Interior10
  • Quality7.0
  • Recommendation7.0
Excellent for Family tripss. by Juan Ruiz from Puerto Rico on 04/20/2007. Trim: 1998 Honda Passport EX 4WD, Owned 2 years.
Pros: What I like about this vehicle it's exterior and passenger capacity.
Cons: The constant brake noises.
Overall review: Overall its a family car.
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  • Styling6.0
  • Performance3.0
  • Interior4.0
  • Quality4.0
  • Recommendation1.0
Tin Can by Puzzled on 06/12/2003. Trim: 1998 Honda Passport EX 2WD, Owned 1 year.
Pros: The exterior. Good for winter, kinda safe.
Cons: This is about the most horrible SUV I have ever driven. The steering wheel shivered at 20 miles per hour....! I almost had a heart attact just parking it! It has no smoothness what-so-ever. It feels "lose". Mind you that I am the proud owner of an awesome 96 Saab 900 and trust me, some people say that saabs are not that reliable amd tend to say some pretty unreliable things about saabs, if they were to test drive my car, and then this passport, (and many other cars and no I'm not advertising or anything like that, heck I should be paid by saab just for saying this! ) they would fall over backwards!
Overall review: I am very fond of honda, I am the previous owner of an accord and I loved the car. I beat the crap out of it and it would not go down! I just don't know where and how Honda went wrong with this car. It just doesn't feel HONDA like. Bottom line is I know what a car is like, beat up or not, the construction, the materials, the performance, and the ride quality just do not add up on this SUV. I just hope the pilot and the CRV do not feel this way, I will be very dissapointed with HONDA.
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  • Styling10
  • Performance10
  • Interior10
  • Quality10
  • Recommendation10
The "cute" little SUV by Spanky from Birmingham, AL on 06/11/2003. Trim: 1998 Honda Passport EX 2WD, Owned 2 years.
Pros: I bought it because it was "cute". But it has been wonderful. It has room like an SUV but it drives like a car. I have kept up the oil change and maintenance and I have not had any trouble out of it at all. I've had it for about 2 years and I don't plan on getting rid of it until it falls apart.
Cons: The only thing I don't like are the metallic brakes because they squeel like they are going bad and they are not.
Overall review: I Love It!!!
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  • Styling7.0
  • Performance7.0
  • Interior6.0
  • Quality6.0
  • Recommendation7.0
Just OK by Michael from Dallas, Texas on 04/23/2002. Trim: 1998 Honda Passport EX 2WD, Owned 2 years.
Pros: Acceleration is fair. There is a good amount of cargo space.
Cons: The Passport can become uncomfortable on long trips. I would agree with other reviewers that the stereo could have been better but I would not call it a "death trap" because of poor quality speakers.
Overall review: It is definately not a Honda.
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1 - 5 of 91 reviews
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