2007 Audi A3

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  • Styling9.2
  • Performance9.4
  • Interior8.2
  • Quality8.3
  • Recommendation8.5
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  • Styling10
  • Performance10
  • Interior9.0
  • Quality9.0
  • Recommendation9.0
definitely a pocket rocket by audiphile from the burgh on 03/08/2010. Trim: 2007 Audi A3 3.2 With DSG, Owned 4 years.
Pros: This car is FAST and absolutely multipurpose. Perfect for city living and driving - I can park it just about ANYWHERE-but it's also really comfortable on long cross country trips too. I can haul a ton of stuff too in the cargo space. This car with the right tires is fabulous in the snow-never a single problem even during "snowmaggedon" in the east. I don't think there's a car that comes even remotely close to the A3 in style AND purpose.
Cons: The lack of a power passenger seat and memory driver's seat.
Overall review: No regrets AT ALL about buying this car! If you were willing to pay the price, this car truly has everything. I have even raced it on a track where it kept up with the 300 and 400 hp Porsches.
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  • Styling9.0
  • Performance10
  • Interior7.0
  • Quality5.0
  • Recommendation6.0
love the performance but warranty. by Erick. halifax,NS on 10/04/2007. Trim: 2007 Audi A3 2.0 T With DSG, Owned less than 1 year.
Pros: i like the Acceleration, braking and handling. I think it's even better than A4. great for young couples.
Cons: 1.interior looks a little bit cheap, can not match with BMW 1... 2. The worst part is the warranty.. Audi changed its warranty strategy since 2006.. so 2007 A3 user are going to pay A LOT on repair. Yes, the 4 years warranty does not cover as it use to be. And Audi parts are not cheap at all.
Overall review: If you are rich. love Audi and do not think your car needs repair..Go for it. If you need a reliable car and better warranty, I would say jetta/acura...
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  • Styling7.0
  • Performance10
  • Interior5.0
  • Quality4.0
  • Recommendation5.0
What a disappointment by An MSN Autos Consumer on 04/09/2012. Trim: 2007 Audi A3 2.0 T, Owned 3 years.
Pros: Excellent driving, handling, acceleration, fuel economy. 6-speed manual is easy to shift. Super fast!
Cons: Everything else is falling apart. Front seat backs have become unglued, center console in back seat is broken and will not open, all power window motors have failed, rear wiper keeps coming off... so many things! Oh, and everything has to be fixed by Audi because the car is built so that you have to return to the dealer for EVERYTHING, even changing the wiper blades requires a trip to the dealer. I've had this car almost 3 years and the whole time, it has had something wrong.
Overall review: Honestly, it's an awesome car to drive. It is fast and when it is working properly, it is a dream. BUT! Be ready to take this car in to the dealer a lot. I expected a lot more luxury and much better fit and finish from Audi. That's why I bought an Audi!! Very disappointed. Will be getting rid of the car VERY soon.
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  • Styling10
  • Performance10
  • Interior9.0
  • Quality10
  • Recommendation10
My favorite Audi! by Jane on 02/04/2009. Trim: 2007 Audi A3 2.0 T, Owned 2 years.
Pros: This is my 3rd Audi (previous 2 were A4s). I couldn't be more pleased with the A3. Love the looks and the acceleration!
Cons: I miss the free maintenance!
Overall review: Excellent small car. Fun to drive, safe, reliable
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  • Styling9.0
  • Performance8.0
  • Interior5.0
  • Quality1.0
  • Recommendation2.0
Fast Car by An MSN Autos Consumer on 09/10/2007. Trim: 2007 Audi A3 2.0 T With DSG, Owned 1 year.
Pros: I love the pick up and go. This car moves... but the interior is cramp and tight with a bunch of people.
Cons: One year and three months needed a new battery - One year and five months need a whole new set of tire. Continual repairs and maintenance...the car is factory installed with cheap parts which will start to give out around 30K miles - BEWARE! Stock up on cash because it is not cheap to replace these cheap parts and no they are not covered by Audi because they are factor installed - yes, installed at their factories but still not covered.
Overall review: I would not recommend if you want a car that will not need a lot of maintenance. Otherwise it is fun to drive and if you have the money to blow - buy the car. Otherwise buy a Honda.
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1 - 5 of 21 reviews
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